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If your child loves nursery, as they all will with us, they usually come in joyfully without looking back to you ! When you bring them in you are absolutely welcome to either drop your child off and get on to work and home or stay a while and talk with our friendly staff.  


Orchidale Nursery   

01603 861133

Mobile: 07984 779342

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We only ask potential new parents to share your contact details with us in order to respond to your queries and enable you to find about or see our nursery.


Your details will  be temporarily stored for contact purposes only until your  questions are fully responded to, and will not be shared with any third parties. 

We are open:


7.30am - 6pm


51 weeks a year


For all children from 2 months to 5 years.

How to Find Orchidale Children's Nursery:

Orchidale Children's Nursery can be found on Fir Covert Road just off the A1270 Distributor Road near Norwich. We can also be reached from Fakenham Road and Beech Avenue. We are also close to the main routes of the A47 and A140. 

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