Keeping Healthy and Happy

Promoting Well-Being

To meet all our children’s individual needs, our stimulating curriculum draws on a wide range of learning disciplines – from ones that include Sensory, Visual and Auditory components to Kinaesthetic, Musical and Naturalistic fields.


Healthy Body, Healthy Planet

Our emphasis on physical exercise, on getting outside and on making great, healthy eating choices promotes the importance of having a healthy body to our children. This focus on wellness extends to the health of our planet:

our home cooking uses locally sourced fruit and vegetables; we use little or no plastic; we even send off our dirty nappies to be turned into biofuel. In this way, our children gain a sense of themselves and of others and their place in the world. They learn how important it is to care for and to be considerate of others, as well as the environment around them.

Start Your Child's Journey to School

Here in the busy, interactive world of Orchidale Nursery, your child will be immersed in the social whirl of the under-fives. They’ll create firm bonds of friendship and learn how to resolve conflicts, as well as understand how to follow gentle instruction. These social skills, when mixed with the building blocks of learning they receive at Orchidale, ensure all our children are well-prepared for starting school and can flourish there.