Forest Learning and the Great Outdoors

The real, raw, natural environment of the forest, its trees and its wildlife provide a flip side to the often-sedentary way of modern life with its over-emphasis on screen time and the pressures that creates. The forest also, crucially, increases children’s engagement in and motivation for learning. The rich variety of sensory experience and the expansive possibilities for activities allow children to use their ability to invent and imagine. Within our exciting Forest School garden, your child can build a sense of independence which has powerful effects on their intellectual, cognitive, physical and emotional development. For example, drawing on the skills of our qualified early years Forest School leader, our children can build a bug hotel, discover and study its occupants, wonder at the way they live, invent stories about them and gain joy from experiencing it all with friends.

Our Garden:
girl playing in the forest school at Orchidale children's nursery
Forest School:
children playing in Orchidale Nursery Forest School