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Why Join Orchidale Preschool?

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

School Readiness at Orchidale

With better weather on the horizon, it is a tell-tale sign that we are on our way to that exciting time of year when some of our oldest friends move onto school. This exciting new chapter can bring with it some anxieties, but we are here to make this exciting journey as smooth as possible and support your child in every way we can.

At Orchidale we ensure our children are as independent as possible, this includes lots of practicing of zipping up coats, putting on shoes and lots of encouragement when changing items of clothing, our forest school also plays a huge part in this, as children are already used to undoing waders, unzipping raincoats and removing wellies before they start school!

At Orchidale we model as much as we can to encourage the children to be independent for example using a knife and fork at lunch and tea times. We praise our children for serving themselves independently at mealtimes, scraping and washing up their own plates too!

At Orchidale we practice a child led approach, however we also have a routine in place throughout the day, our children learn to listen to instruction’s learn to tidy up and have small group times with our qualified teacher. This all help’s with being ‘school ready’. At group times the children may sit and listen or act out a story, have a group discussion or partake in educational games such as math’s or listening to sounds/ rhyming words for example. .This is a opportunity for children to also take time to listen to an adult and speak in front of a group.

School readiness does not mean that children should be writing letters or words, at Orchidale we encourage our children to strengthen their hand muscles first! This means lots of fine manipulative activities such as disco playdough or making mark on paper, large scale drawing is also important, encouraging children to make huge circles with a paint brush all strengthens muscles to eventually write! We encourage children to recognise their own name through self registration.

Children who are school ready should have a natural curiosity about the world around them, at Orchidale we inspire our children to be curios learners throughout our play activities, children will be therefore be excited to explore new environments such as school.

The transition from Nursery to school should be as smooth as possible, it’s a real celebration when teachers from our local schools come to visit us at the nursery and we inform them as much as we can about each child, as well as writing transition reports.

As a nursery we feel so proud to see our children go off to school and always ask our parents to keep in touch with how they are getting on, it is another step in a child’s journey which we are thrilled to play a part in, every child is an individual and will always go at their own pace, it’s always the small achievements that mean so much!

About Us:

Orchidale Children's Nursery is based in a fantastic converted bungalow building in Taverham, 15 minutes from Norwich with childcare places for 2 months-5 year olds. We can offer your child fabulous fun filled days of activities to help children learn and make lots of new friends. We have a fabulous outdoor space with so many area's of learning. Including a separate 0-2's garden, forest school space, large lawn for the children to run around on and so much more! Please come and see us, our beautiful learning area's and our magical garden. If you are searching for a Day Nursery in Norwich, Norfolk then we are the Children's Nursery that goes the extra mile for you and your children.

Visit the Orchidale Nursery website at:

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