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Winter Warmers – Things to do when it’s cold outside

This winter has seen some of the coldest temperatures we’ve felt in years. Here are some ideas of what to do when it’s just too cold to think straight.

Winter walks. Use this very cold snap as an excuse to wrap up in your warmest layers, coat and boots and visit somewhere that is magical in this weather. The woods, the beach, the field near to where you live. Any place in nature will offer its own beauty despite, and maybe because of, the intense cold. Look for ice shapes on the trees and bushes. Look for the sparkles on each blade of grass. Look at how the colours have changed with the season. And most of all, think about the hot chocolate you can make when you get home!

Hot Chocolate. Speaking of which…if you’d rather be inside than outside, you could create your own hot chocolate bar. Have the children design menus with all the different toppings and go around taking everyone’s orders. They can help you serve the hot chocolate according to what everyone ordered.

Film afternoons. If feeling cosy is more appealing to you right now, choose a favourite Christmas film and snuggle under blankets together to watch it. Put plenty of snacks out, maybe a mug of hot chocolate, the lights on the tree, and enjoy some cosy hours together as a family.

Lights, candles, scents. As the days have got shorter and darker, our need for light and warmth has increased. Christmas lights are the perfect way to add a sense of cosiness to your home. Not just for the tree, you can string them along the mantle piece, hang them in the windows and nestle them in bowls on the table. Wherever they are, they will cast a cosy glow. Candles offer the same sense of cosiness. Taking care that small hands won’t reach them, place candles in clusters so that their flickering light creates a warm glow. Oil burners are a great way to add some beautiful scent to your home. Some great ones for this time of year would be gingerbread, spiced apple, pine cone or fir tree.

Whatever you choose to do to get warm and cosy this winter, I wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas together.

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