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Easter Craft Ideas to do with Your Children!

If you’re looking for easy Easter craft ideas for kids, this is your ultimate list! Try one of these ideas - from eggs to bunnies and more.

Suncatcher Easter Eggs

Perfect for a sunny, Easter day, these Easter suncatchers will definitely make the most of Spring! What you’ll need: Large Easter egg template (you can draw one of you feel creative or print one from Google), Scissors, a variety of coloured tissue paper, a hole punch and string, sticky backed plastic.

1.       Print or draw a large Easter egg template and then cut out the egg.

2.       Using the egg template as a guide, cut a length of sticky backed plastic. You will need to cut two pieces, one for the front of the egg and one for the back.

3.       Now to get creative! Use small squares of coloured tissue paper to fill the sticky side of the sticky backed plastic. Make sure there are no gaps!

4.       Once you have finished, place the other piece of sticky backed plastic over the top, onto the tissue paper squares.

5.       Place the Easter egg template over the top and trace round.

6.       Cut out the egg shape.

7.       Punch a hole at the top of the Easter egg and thread with string.

8.       Hang in a sunny window and enjoy!


Bunny Mason Jars

If you’re looking for a sweet table decoration, these Easter bunny mason jars are perfect. They can hold mini chocolates, sweets or even make into a nightlight!

What you’ll need: Mason jars (clean and washed jam jars work perfectly well), white tissue paper, PVA glue, white and pink card and felt, pompoms, a sharpie, paintbrush, scissors, pencil.

1.       Before you get started, clean your jar with soap and water. Make sure there’s no residue so that the paint can stick.

2.       Cover the jar with white tissue paper. Cut the tissue paper into squares so that you an easily apply it to the jar. Smooth the tissue paper so that there aren’t too many wrinkles.

3.       Now make the ears and faces. Cut some ear shapes out of the white and pink felt. Make the pink piece a little smaller so that it fits inside the white piece. Then cut the white card to make a face shape. Use the pink card for little cheeks. Add details such as eyes, nose and whiskers with the sharpie.

4.       Once you have finished the face pieces, you can start gluing them on to the side of the jar.   

5.       Attach the ears on to the inside of the jar rim so that they stick up.

6.       Glue a large pink pompom at the back of the jar for a tail. And there you have a sweet little bunny jar to fill with any Easter treats you wish!


Pasta Easter Eggs

You can make any design on these Easter eggs. You could even make different Easter shapes like flowers or bunnies to decorate.

What you’ll need: Dried pasta shapes (macaroni, fusilli and penne work well), cardboard or old cereal box, acrylic paint, PVA glue, Easter Egg template (you can draw your own if you’re feeling artistic, or print one from Google)

1.       Frist, paint the pasta. A quick way to do this is to place the pasta in a plastic, zip-lock bag. Squirt some paint inside the bag and mix the pasta in with the paint. If you don’t want to paint the pasta first, you can always glue the pasta first and paint the whole egg afterwards.

2.       If you have pre-painted the pasta, allow it to dry. Spread the pieces out so they don’t stick together.

3.       Cut out the Easter egg shapes by tracing round the template onto some thin cardboard. An old cereal box would work well for this.

4.       Cut out the Easter egg shape and paint them. You can choose to paint just one colour, or perhaps go for a stripy pattern. Let your creativity flow!

5.       Once the paint has dried, you can start gluing on the pasta shapes to decorate the egg. Choose any design and patterns you like!

6.       You can punch holes in the tops and hang them from an Easter tree!

Easter Bunny Canvas

A cute bunny canvas that can be made in any colour, perfect for using up leftover tissue paper. And it’s fun to make!

What you’ll need: a small canvas (available online or any good craft retailer), PVA glue, white tissue paper, an outline of a bunny (you can google one to print out), paint in a colour of your choice, paintbrush, pompoms, pencil, scissors.

1.       Paint your canvas with several coats of the colour you have chosen. Leave the paint to dry between coats.

2.       Print the bunny outline. A sitting up bunny works well to fit the canvas. Keep it simple and large enough to fill with tissue paper. Place the bunny outline on the painted canvas and draw round. You now have a bunny shape to fill!

3.       Cut several small squares of white tissue paper. Take one piece and wrap it around the eraser end of your pencil. Dip the tissue paper into the glue and then push it down onto the canvas inside your bunny outline. Pull the pencil free and the tissue paper should stay put. Keep adding the tissue paper until the entire bunny is filled.

4.       Next, add the pompoms to make a nose, an eye and a tail. You can use a larger pompom for the tail.

5.       Let it dry completely and display!

Painted Easter Egg Rocks

These Easter egg rocks are so easy to paint and they look beautiful! You can use them as part of your Easter décor or hide them outside for an outside chocolate free Easter hunt.

What you’ll need: smooth, oval shaped rocks that look egg shaped. Acrylic paints in any colour you like, although pastel shades would look great. Paintbrushes. Cotton buds.

1.       Make sure your rocks are clean and dry. They may need washing before you start painting.

2.       Get your paint colours ready and choose a colour to paint your entire rock. Depending on the colour you choose, you may need to paint a second coat to make sure the colour stands out.

3.       Once the first colour has dried, the fun can begin! Use a smaller paintbrush to create lines, zigzags and squiggles. Use the cotton buds to create dots. Let your imagination run free!

4.       Once you’ve finished painting, let the rocks dry completely. Overnight is probably best to really make sure the paint has dried.

5.       Now you can choose how to decorate using your brightly coloured eggs!

Easter can be a great time for children to have fun and get creative without you having to  spend a lot of money. We hope you have fun completing some of these activities and we wish you a great Easter!

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