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The Benefits of Visiting a Farm With Your Child

Updated: Feb 27

Going to the farm isn’t just a family day out, a visit to see the animals offers multiple benefits for your child’s development.

By visiting a farm children begin to get an idea of the environment that animals need to survive. This leads to an understanding of the importance of caring for the environment to keep the homes of animals safe and protected. Your child will become much more aware of what it means to have an eco-system, how they work and their importance in the natural world.

This can lead to discussions about animal homes and habitats and our role in protecting the environment to ensure the safety of the animals we share the world with.

Some farms offer hands-on experiences which are helpful in developing compassion for animals and treating them with respect and kindness. These types of experiences also encourage your child to begin to naturally care for the animals they see around them. Animal farms are also a multisensory learning experience for your child. They will learn how different animals smell, the sounds they make and the way they feel and look. Farms can offer a real-life experience of what they have read about in their story books.

Visiting a farm can also offer exposure to new words and vocabulary. The variety of animals they will see encourages a wonder of animals and all the differences. From the names of the animals to the differences in their care needs and even how some animals have adapted to their environment, your child will be learning new concepts and an awareness of the wider world.

There are so many benefits to visiting an animal farm with your child. Not only are there numerous learning opportunities, but it is also a wonderful way to spend the day bonding with your family.


Here are some local Farm Parks for you to visit with your child!


Melsop Farm Park

Based in Breckland, Norfolk, Melsop Farm Park is home to a wide range of animals including sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, waterfowl and cattle. There is also a cafeteria, indoor play area, outdoor play area and gift shop for families and children to enjoy a fun-filled day out.


Wroxham Barns

Wroxhamm Barns has the Junior Farm where you can meet the friendly animals, enjoy petting sessions with guinea pigs and rabbits, explore the Discovery Zone and let off some steam in the indoor soft play.


Pettitts Animal Adventure Park

There are a large variety of animals to visit at Pettitt’s Adventure Park, including raccoons, lemurs, alpacas, meerkats and miniature horses.


Banham Zoo

Run by the Zoological Society of East Anglia, Banham Zoological Gardens is the perfect place to connect with nature. With thousands of animals from around the world, set in over 50 acres of beautiful open parkland and gardens, there will be hours of fun for everyone.

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