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The Benefits of Water Sports for Children

What better way to cool down this summer than being in and around water? And the best part is that the kids love it! Spending time as a family in the water creates some lovely memories as well as being great exercise!

Paddle boarding is not only a great work out but is a fun and accessible way for the whole family to enjoy some time in the water together. The kids can play together on one board, seeing who can rock the board from side to side to get the other person to fall off the board first! And the adults will get a work out from all that balancing which works your core, your arms and legs and even your feet!

Kayaking is another fun, family activity where the kids can paddle along beside you or join you in yours if they’re not confident. Learning to use the paddle to navigate themselves long a stretch of water is a great way to gain some independence and the sense of achievement that comes with it.

Nature walks can be great way to spend some time near the water without actually getting in. if you live near a beach, have a walk along the sand and see what creatures you can find. If you gave a river or stream nearby, this too is a haven for wildlife just waiting to be discovered by curious eyes.

Lots of park areas are now incorporating splash parks within them. These are great fun, especially for babies and toddlers, as you know the water is not too deep. Kids of all ages love to run around the sprinklers and splash about with their friends.

Swimming pools, whether indoor or outdoor, are a fantastic way to spend quality time with your family. Just turn up and simply play together! Swim on floats, dive to the bottom in search of ‘treasure’, balance on boogie boards. You’ll be making memories and the kids will love spending time just having fun with you.

So, whether you’re town or country, spending time as a family in or around the water is a fantastic way to have fun together and make treasured memories with these long summer days.

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